This service helps purchasing Japanese event tickets.

How does it work?

  1. Request a quote
  2. Receive detailed information. Confirm your order if you want to proceed.
  3. Receive Paypal invoice and make payment.
  4. Ticket Galore purchases your tickets.
  5. Delivery of tickets or collection codes.


Final prices consist of the following five parts:

  1. Ticket price
    The face value which is the price printed on the ticket.
  2. Ticketing fees (system fees, lottery fees, printing fees, etc.)
    Usually between JPY 324-1,030 per ticket.
  3. Tickets Galore service fee
    This fee is calculated based on the number of tickets per show and their face value (see below).
  4. Shipping
    Between JPY 0-2,400, depending on the shipping method and destination.
  5. Paypal fee
    5% of the total price

The Tickets Galore service fee is based on the table below. The prices in the table are “per ticket”.

Example 1: If face value of a ticket is ¥7,000, and you order 2 tickets (together), then the service fee will be ¥7,500 (¥4,000+¥3,500).
Example 2: If the face value of a ticket is ¥12,000, and you order 1 ticket, then the service fee will be ¥5,500.

Request a quote or more information

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